On weekends now, we commit 24 hours (whenever no work requires us to be contactable) to being ‘device-free’. That means, we go back to reading magazines, books, any print, or just relieve the eyes from squinting at digital devices. You’d be surprised how much that does for us. The brain, the eyes, the body, the heart, breathe again, and almost instinctively, we have deeper and more interesting discussions. Perhaps that’s another song for Polkadot + Moonbeam. We have 4 songs recently written for this new chapter. So apart from our first 2 originals written from the time we met (2010), there are 6 in total. Songs get written everyday, or could, but it’s just so different, when you write because you need to.

I hadn’t written anything fun in this space since a while. It is like our lives were pinched up high in the sky, and caught my a tsunami wave, and then the highs and lows, the spins and drops. Lots of external factors, like the wind-chill factor, the availability of sun, or presence of clouds, or ships and boats, or whales,.. and their babies, or just thunderstorm, and the calm. Something like that. Lots of adventures, but always wrapped about in a fierce sort of peace despite the drama. Because He has called it good before us.

But like anyone else, we feel it. The drop in temperature from Summer to Autumn, Autumn to Winter, and since yesterday, after 2 weeks of persistent rain, an intense shot of sunshine. So we shed. We just separated our winter wear from the spring last night. I have my favourite 2 decade old Esprit factory-outlet flannelette adopted from my sister on today. It’s fab, as always.

It’s time to consider an intermediate class in Auslan. I love it. And as always, I don’t always know why I love something or why i feel compelled about a cause or a feeling. But i know, that if i stay true to it, the ends will meet, bringing new company, and new reasons to why I would have done it anyway. So I stay true to it. Despite everything and everyone. Perhaps that’s just how i am made.

Before I go, fiction-lovers. If you always wondered about lavatory attendants, and their lives. And us all, in different walks of life, if we were ever that different, … read ‘The Reader on 6.27’ by Jean-Peal Didierlaurent. And then write to me and tell me how that changed your life. It would take me 10 cheese-lattes, or Golden oolong teas to tell you what it did for me. An important writer of these times. The modern Romeo & Juliet with greater honesty, but no less drama. LOVE.

And if you loved it, pursue his second book, ‘The Rest of Their Lives’. I know I am. It will be released 19th October 2017. (Another reason why that is a very important date.)

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