I have also known the burden the Lord places on my heart. The poor, the lost and the needy. And in my area of influence, music, stage and lifestyle I have noticed often how well-meaning Christians feel torn by expectations from church as well as the marketplace. Those who know me, know the situation is unique, whether it is my family, marriage, career, lifestyle etc. I have never known the ‘easy’ path. And it has always been rich, blessed with just amazing earth angels, and heavenly ones, great friends who stick, no big promises, they just stick to their word with integrity and honour. I don’t know whether they came from, but i have because of that, not know how else to be but immensely grateful.

For this mini-post, i felt it on my heart strongly to give friends (not necessarily Christians) who are not into New Age beliefs, or Buddhistic or Hinduistic meditation practices, but who absolutely enjoy Yoga (which btw means ‘Union’) a little recommendation. Holy Yoga (Gospel Centred Yoga) may be something you wish to try if you live in the States. And if you live in Australia, particularly Sydney, try Holy Yoga Australia.

It would have been difficult I imagine, starting up something, anything really when you have been called uniquely as a fore-runner into the picture. My heart sprang forth with courage inspired by founder Josephine Tin‘s heart-filled business venture.

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