Monday is our day off, and hence my Sunday.

Thus Tuesday begins our new week.

With all the (bad) news that’s bombarding us from day to day, i thought i would share my own little good news to start the week.

About 4 months ago, I felt a pain in my arm, near the line where the triceps begin. Every time fabrics brushed against it, it was like a carpet burn. I thought it was just an effect of the harsh winter i wasn’t yet accustomed to. But it didn’t go away. In fact the pain grew to a point of muscle ache about a month before. And so i could see its protrusion. It was sticking out every time i flexed. If i never had a situation like this before which was healed, i would have freaked out further. But my husband and I prayed and I just trusted in the Lord’s healing even though my arm was throbbing. Mind you, i am not one of those who resist treatments if i have to.

Every time i felt the pain from that time onwards, i didn’t say Oh Lord please heal me. I know He loves me, and I know Jesus’ work on the Cross. That is one thing that I do know which cannot be undone despite all that i didn’t know. So I said, thank you Jesus and rested at that.

Honestly, I was prepared to hop by to 401医院 from across our home. I could have gone on to worry about insurance papers, surgery forms etc. But i’m glad i wasn’t a kancheong spider enough to go down that road. :)

About a week or 2 ago, just like my healing from a year ago (a tumour of sorts at my ribs – i couldn’t even zip up….) the thing disappeared. I praised the Lord from inside the bathroom but decided that good news must be shared! I am healed!