[ i actually took the trouble to get my mandarin really properly in action here… to which the webpage crashed on me… so folks, it’s all english from here ;) ]

Happy New Year first of all.

We had just returned from our NYE’s celebrations playing at a lovely gastrobar… the story is pretty amazing and i would like to give thanks for these blessings and opportunities.

You’d imagine getting a Christmas Morn Interview is p.r.e.t.t.y special. But God is good. We did have a really fun interview, but most of all, we shared Silent Night on National TV. Christmas is the most important time of the year for me, and so i thought that truly was savethebestforthelast pressie for the year. But no!

Imagine this, to meet a friend’s sibling through this interview leading to working (very fun work that is!) and celebrating NYE with you friend, and loved ones, and a very beautiful gastrobar with excellent food and drinks… and none of which you had even prayed or dreamt about… I am utterly grateful.

Thank you for receiving our project, Crossover.s with such openness and embracing it and enjoying it with us. DD impressed me much(!!) on his double keyboarding skills, and I really enjoyed croonin’ the vintage with new sounds. Thank you for your kind words, it is our privilege to share our love, joy and music with you on this very meaningful day.

Below are snippets of our TV segment on Christmas morning, followed by a video of our performance at Outpost 903 Gastrobar on NYE!

New Year's Eve Countdown at Outpost No. 903 Gastrobar with groovy celebs Youyi and Wallace!

New Year’s Eve Countdown at Outpost No. 903 Gastrobar with groovy celebs Youyi and Wallace!


I’m not sure what you could be doing this NYD but i am counting my blessings!

Thank you all for being truthful, generous, loving and beautiful. Bless your 2013-s with love in every aspect of your life. And the wisdom to share it in every way you could. :)

Happy New Year! Blessings follow you and your families everywhere you go in all that you do!

Juliet & Didi (“White Noise”)

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