If you had been updated on my facebook fanpage : www.facebook.com/theperfectjourney about our latest shows, you might be aware of our ‘w-w exchange’.

I'm dreaming of a w-w x'mas!

I’m dreaming of a w-w x’mas!

Part 1 of this exchange between Elaine Lam and myself was at our launch of “White Noise Live” on the 15th December, when she graced the stage with her presence and lent her vocals to opening our 3rd set for the evening. Part 2 was at her Jazz Christmas concert at Playden at The Arts House on 21st December. On both occasions we duet-ed on our originals, “Every Christmas Carol” (Juliet Pang) and “酒鬼“ (Elaine Lam). Some say singers cannot share a stage together, but we just cannot wait for our playtime together, making music and delight together. My duo partner for “Mint“, Didi also joined in the fun, and we also shared some jazz/festive classics at her concert.

Elaine Lam & Juliet Pang at "Jazz Christmas"

Elaine Lam & Juliet Pang at “Jazz Christmas”

It appears that we may have something a-brewing in this house of the arts soon, do stay tuned. :)

For now, a very blessed and beautiful Christmas to all of you.


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