Seriously, for the love of all the wonderful teachers and talents sharing their chops at AIM, i’d like to
start the petition for better soundproofing.

Here I am, a foreign student in a new city, tryin’ to record in my house, but no, workmen, in a school practice room, but no,… recording rooms, i daren’t even try, I’m sure there 101% chance booked out.

I’m this close to completing my assignment, the final audio recording of my voice, then the mix, but it’s impossible….

I just wanna go out in the sun and enjoy the day before the cold winter skies draw darkly in on me by 3pm.

I found this quite funny, when you actually hear the Dracula Theme, ie Bach’s Toccato & Fugue in D¬†through the broken ceiling (unsealed…)

So whilst waiting for the organs and violins to stop…, i did a quick recording…. ahh. now there’s flute… :) sometimes there’re reasons to give in completely.

So pls, AIM, shouldn’t we Grad Students, who pay the ridiculous sum of money for about 5 hrs of class a week at least get decent practice rooms (that aren’t always booked out by someone else since it doesn’t reflect in the system, this means about 80% of the time i run back and forth, missing my practice slot tryin to get an ‘available’ room.), decent soundproofing, i’m not talkin studio, i’m sayin, at least it sounds better than me practising on the streets, ie busking?

There’s a thin line between stupidity and tolerance. I’d like to question where the funds go really?

Great teachers, but terrible system.

Let’s hope i still scrape a pass for being dead honest! :)

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