Finally completed my three variations of 南泥湾,which I am looking forward to sharing in Singapore in August at Crazyworld and perhaps Esplanade.

I’m honestly not too happy with my virgin attempt at string orchestration for Variation one. But i realise each one is like a progress into the next, getting the swing of things, the process of arrangement and improvisation, and composition. Yes, though it’s a variation, i’ve re-written 3 different introductions and several transitions / interludes to these 3 different arrangements.

I’m rather happy with the final one, ie Var 3, since it’s the only one i have a chance to play with sounds that are non-conventional, and also mixing my voice. It’s awful lot of fun, and once i’m in it, it’s no holds barred.

However, i confess, getting into it had been more diff than ever. Perhaps that’s why people go to school, the whip behind you to remind you to keep movin’. But once movin’, the whip is like a feather, floating off, irrelevant to my musical and spiritual growth.

Thanks to Didi’s keyboard, i managed a fuss-free recording of e.piano on those modulations without getting the sounds jammed up.

No sibelius, no logic. I figured, till i need it i won’t invest in it. I’m trying to focus on my proficiency on the instruments now, and arrangement has a long way to go. Something that will catch on as i keep flowing i pray.

But enough said, i need to get on the other 8 mins of my folio…

Report writing is the part i’m not lookin’ fwd to. Really?…

Going back to school is most certainly a humbling experience, and though my lips may pout once in a while, i know i wouldn’t exchange this for anything else.

Stay well folks, and stay in tuned for more updates on the tour.

With Love,

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