Vie Media’s Anniversary Party was held on 13/4/2011 at World Square, Sydney.
I trotted down with my uke and pianica enjoying the autumny breeze to greet Di with the setup.
I must say things went smoothly. It almost always does when you work with people who simply love what they do. It’s never the quantity but the heart and dedication they put into every detail of their art and design.
The party went awesome. Relatives and friends came, and Sydney-siders were awfully sweet cheerin’ me on every song and really enjoyin’ themselves.
The food was really good, i just wish i could stomach more before a show!
My mind drifts off to that fresh sashimi roll now and then….
Did i mention how i adore this zine? Pls support them!
Their art work, teamwork and love for originality and colours, and most of all risk, is the reason why my heart almost jumped when they called me to do a review on the cd!
Spending time with the mastermind behind this masterpiece, Darren Kong shared his love for the zine, for life and for his friends, and people.
How blessed can one be, to be completely new in a place and have another who believes in beauty, and love and supports my music just because?
I thank God for these wonderful blessings, and look forward to new ones also with Polkadot + Moonbeam.
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Sydney is turning colder. I just got those cotton opaque tights… a girl’s gotta work hard at not lookin’ like a potato sack when she’s got the chills most days, and more days now into the heart of Autumn.
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