They is always the kind of music that works well for day and the sort for night.
Mental note. Except for Night and Day of course and Di did s beautiful version of that on Wed night.

The sun was so unabashed this morning, and the clouds just happily dancing, irresponsibly making it’s way across autumn skies, I loved it!

Today i thought of the song I wrote 坏東西, for the first time after so many months in Sydney. 天空微蓝,白雲在飄,它們都在為你打气!


Debbie took me to a beautiful spot near her house called Lavendar Bay, and I wished I had my toys with me, camera and uke… Milsons Point looked beautiful in the setting sun… At about 6pm the chills came in… And for the first time of the 4 mths of acclimatizing, my body finally caved. For a bit anyway. I never believe in sickness as a part of anyone’s life much less lifestyle. I’m looking forward to Easter Morning.

Thank God for the beautiful friendship that started out today, a reminder of who I am in Christ, and the His faith and love for all of us. For thefirst time since I arrived, I feel like home.

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