I think I should get a job here…

Sitting at an Easy way and really feeling very comfy here.

Early mornin on a Friday… Well not early… But early for yours truly.

They’re plain something Afro-Cuban in the background and it’s great…


Yea, I think they’d played some of my music on the local Chinese radio here. Thanks to a few supporters of indie artistes… Thank God!

Also something to look out for, … Apparently i will be appearing on certain media… Which I can’t reveal just yet… But it’s really exciting.

I’m into a new month now.

Assignments are startng to come full on… But these assignments are really up to you, …
Because it’s what you wanna reap outta it. Im most likely doing a recital of 2 folk tunes in 6 variations in total, writing them from scratch. Ainnit cool?

This morning, we were just sharing our thoughts on the music industry here.

Over here, I’m practically brand new. Which is great cuz there’s no impetus greater than the need to fight for survival all over. And the standard of living is high, in most aspects. Monetarily more so. But it’s people who don’t know you, who have chosen to see you in a certain light, box you up, who really push you to wanna work harder, be better.

I realized from my declaration this morning to Di what my heart beats for. A voice for those like me, things to say and unheard, misunderstood,… By race, by culture or by nature…
But first Jules, your life has to reflect that.

So I’m going back to complete my film assignment now.

My next project, project B1 for baby! Not in that sense!
And project B2 for busking.

Other projects will have to roll in with these 2 leadingin focus.

Musically id really like to take more risks for singing. Improvisation will be eased into with the amount of chord work I have to concentrate on.

But Elana stone really is an inspiration vocally…

I believe every word she sings.

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