Thomas’ birthday(the cake came with sparx!), Liv-lookalike-pretty lady (as i would call her) and the many smiles and encouragement from the customers and staff, Didi Mudigdo and I were too happy only to cover another set. There were so many beautiful couples, but above that, it was how the staff took pride in the service, in their food, in the cosy restaurant, and how joy and love was truly seeping from every person in the venue that moved me….deeply.

I’d often admired bands who’d been together and stayed together for ages… the chemistry, the dedication, musically and relationally, there were only too many factors to tear the team apart. And so when i embarked on Uncanny Sounds ( a duo with dear friend and partner-in-crime, Clarence Yeo), i felt very blessed as we had such an appreciation for the humor, the fun, the joys of making music, but also, had the same beating heart for new arrangements, and funk jazz music. I had improved heaps (omg… that’s that ozzie poking its tail out) with Clarence, experimenting sounds, setups, with me on keys and synth and beats,… and Clarence singing,…etcetc.. loads of fun but more than that, we pushed each other in ways that compelled our growth musically. Of course, giving and taking, sounding in sync, and nurturing that synergy took time too, and character-building is not without.

Now, with Didi Mudigdo, with me on Polkadot + Moonbeam, i feel like the most beautiful thing has been bestowed upon me. It’s without doubt that Didi not only has great experience in a wide variety of music, but that he also has such a dedication to the classics and the soul behind the music that moves him, that i cannot imagine a better mentor and partner for this concept of our duo. His art is deep but simple, gentle but passionate, and i observe these things. Polkadot as the name implies, is probably the less grounded, ditsy one in this team. Moonbeam puts the light on! I love new ideas and throw new combinations out all the time, with new repertoire, and with experimentation of various arrangement perhaps a tad too often and randomly etc,… but i think Moonbeam did shine light on a few things, and i think we keep each other in good musical balance.

Not limited to classics, but loving this one so much that we are only focussing on refining our duo, we are determined to keep Polkadot + Moonbeam true to the heartbeat of every classic.

Last night, Liv-lookalike-pretty lady came up to us saying it was the best Valentine’s day ever… I was so moved.

Because it was mine too. It was wonderful to be able to bring such joy to the couple singing their song, Moon river. One of those standards that as old as old is, would remain precious to me.

I don’t know what Valentine’s mean to everyone, but i do know that for someone like me, who sings more sense than she speaks most times, being able to share her heart so completely with someone who understands her and her music, and that in the presence of so much love, is a blessing and the best gift i could receive.

This is an encouragement for P+M, to be true, to be pure, to be unyielding and, and but, to be evolving.

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