Waiting for Di to bring the speakers.

It’s hard work running it all alone in oz.

The working styles and music culture are very different from that at home.

I found my mom’s words precious in times like these. When you’re in a different place, you start from ground zero.

It’s funny how certain circumstances make you forget why you chose to leave in the first place. Comparing on different grounds will only encourage false ideas of what’s happening and perhaps, what we really want in life.

Tonight’s gig made me realize a few things…

I learn from observation what I don’t have and apply what values that were first ingrained in me since childhood, or gradually till the time i decided to leave.

One of the first things I’d learnt as a child is that if you don’t respect what you do or who you are, why and how could anyone?

People appreciate what I do here but i know what I’m looking for and the only comparison I’d ever make will be against that.

Thank you Lord.

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