Polkadot + Moonbeam debuted their new repertoire at Jazushi on Monday 24/1/11, and what a day it was.

It had always been a wonderful thing for me to work with different musicians, and Didi Mudigdo’s wonderful classic style of playing, layin’ out floating but symmetrical patterns in my mind, as I usually visualise as i sing, challenges me to anchor, to ground, but yet to take flight or dip whenever there’s room.

In the early stages of our exploration, but we’ve covered a fair bit just redefining that simple rustic magic in P + M.

I’d always loved trumpet, clarinet, flute and to a lesser extent saxophone.

And on my pianica i’ve found an accurate way of expressing my phrases, my thoughts and the emotions that overflows from those lyrics and imagery.

Our next gig at Jazushi is on Valentine’s Day and the 27th Feb 2011.

What will July bring? What has it brought you thus far?

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