Thank you Redkite, for inviting us to sing for this beautiful couple. I don’t believe there’s a better prepared Mandarin speech than what Yunni had given. Perhaps some may find the speech part of a wedding most mundane, but that is my favourite segment of the night, aside from singing for everyone. The speech was well-written indeed but it wasn’t that which stood out, it was the precision and sincerity of everything that was mentioned. I was very moved. And wondered if i’d have the same thoughts at my own, in future. :)
It was after the speech i realised this was a wedding of people who loved each other, not just the couple but families. And most importantly, though they didn’t choose any mandarin repertoire, we had an inkling they would much better relate to it than the usual standards. Mei and I decided to go for the mandarin classics, that still move me each time i sing them, 月亮代表我的心,甜蜜蜜. It was the right move, even Jase the bassist commented we should have committed to doing more mandarin numbers. Despite that, they’d responded to every swing classic from Cole Porter, Gershwin etc with smiles and claps. A lady called Linda came up to me at the end of my song, and asked me if i performed anywhere. It was so sweet because she told me she imagined she wanted to have a glass of wine and hear more of me. These are the things that continue to make sense to me. Not that who was good or not, but that music that connects people. She has a name, she’s Linda, and i saw that she had a warm family about her, and her love for music was simple and pure. She heard my heartsong. I was never into doing regular gigs, perhaps, enjoying the change of environment, musicians, setup, and just a diff draft each time too much. But perhaps someday i’d work hard enough to get one and stick to it, well for a while. Anyways, I told her about my album launch on 15th/16th Dec 2010, Concourse Esplanade, 715pm and 815pm, on both days. I think she will make it! :)

My highlight of the night, Our Love Is Here to Stay.

I felt i was sinking into this one more than ever before… :)

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