And i saw Sharon on my night gig on the same day. And the two of us girlies were bubbling over the cute a capella version of a song called ‘Watashi (Sapporo76)’. This was a special event for a birthday boy called ‘K’. His wife, Michelle had organised a beautiful evening of activities, with Saori (family friend) singing Hallelujah Nyame (Ghanian song) and myself on Watashi, and Alfred and I, on Vivo Per Lei (Italian song). His children also sprung a surprise flying from London to visit Daddy on his 50th birthday. It was touching to see a man so loved by his friends and family. We also had Jeremy on cajon and vocal trumpet. Albeit the rather detailed rundown, it was a very fun gig. We even had a share of their longevity paus and mango sago/icecream dessert! Excellent food from Minjiang too. Thank you Melvin Wong for this very fun gig. My highlight of the night was Que Sera Sera (done samba, a perfect suggestion from Sharon)

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