the life ahead will be wonderful.

517am here.

It’s been a crazy 2monthsplus ever since i’d decided on working on my original debut.

It’s almost up now.

I’ve learnt how, when one’s delight depends on other factors and other people, it will never truly be real.

If i started out wanting to please the audience, part of my soul will be compromised as i’ve witnessed, several times having to be challenged with the question of, what are you going to do, your album is too varied…!

In truth, it is. But that’s also me, and that’s who i am,and will always be.

I’m not able and driven by a single passion of an instrument like most pp do. But i’m fascinated with variety tone and colours and how they fill a tapestry without hindrances from what is deemed as ‘feasible’.

Yes nothing holds me back but myself.

Tomorrow is the final photoshoot for one of the 2 videos Sam Nai has decided to help me with.

It will be an exciting album.

Looking fwd to show on 17th nov 2010, Wed 4pm at Crazyworld Cafe!

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