A day made a day makes.

It’s baffled me from day one.

I really enjoyed tonight’s performance with Ian Soh (Pianist) and Reginald Khoo (Bassist).

Ian’s chops kept improving each time i hear him play, and tonight on his new shiny Nord, he’s flying! :) Regi’s bass packed a punch too. It’s awesome to play with people with wonderful sharing spirit. Always a great learning experience for me to get out of my comfort zone and experience various vibes from different players.

My fave tonight was Moon River, and it had been on my mind this entire month of September. Such simple earnestness that i used to scorn, singing to it humbles me.

I don’t believe i have ever done Besame Mucho for a march-in, thinking it might be a little too minor for a happy occasion, but it worked, and i think it offered a nice edge in its cool bossa state.

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