Playing Uke and Keys for this event was very special for me. Esp cuz Nate from Redkite does a great job of taking care of me, making sure the sound doesn’t just work but sound good for the singer.

At 追 on keys and vox, a few Hongkongers started nodding their heads and singing along. It was moving to see all the well-suited/dressed audience let down their guard into this popular canto ballad anthem. This is a beautifully written all-time classic composed by Dick Lee for Leslie Cheung, who of course with all his charm, performed this in 金枝玉叶 the movie, moving too many lovebirds to tears.

I never tire of songs like Lover (Beyond) and Chase (Leslie Cheung) and many more during the 80s, and i really enjoy reinterpreting them from the female perspective with a softer more jazzy touch cuz that’s how it speaks to me.

Playing reggae on I’m Yours on the uke is though a standard sorta expectation, playing around w improvisation was cool when the audience is the right sort, oh and when you have sporting emcees who harmonise on the spot and make it a real party. :)

What a difference a day makes, though a wedding tune ordinarily, had a new point to make today, it was a classic, a sound of the 40-50s.

Thanks to Redkite for all the wonderful arrangements.

Hollywood Night at One On The Bund, Fullerton Bay Hotel. 11/10/2010
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