I’d like to call it beauty.
It’s 502am.
There were nights when day and night i played and sang my heart out, unwritten tunes that wrote out what i never knew i felt.
Today looking at what Darren Ng had brought out for 原来,而已,the beauty that has to be let go, for it breaks your heart if you hold unto it for too long.
How blessed can one be, to speak the way you want to, without those walls that endeavour to shape you, the way you are meant to be, … and the words give up trying to define, they let go, they become.
坏东西 has too, taken its form, half whimsical, a walk in the park with a dear friend you’d hold when he or she is sad.
Blue skies, a dream, that awakened the beginning of my writing journey, those strongholds that fell apart thereafter. Always the heart, the heart, the heart jules.
Nothing else matters.
So many years have passed since the day i gave up writing a song, angry at myself for not being able to conform, angry at who i really am.
My tears cannot come forth, for there’s tremendous joy that keeps it buoyant.
The past has become a story i can now share…
and I thank the Lord for everything beautiful that He could make from what we see as even dust and ashes

Bloom a beautiful piece of a dear friend, and an observer who has seen time and stories.
And how time has taken me, … theatre days of Forbidden City uncannily flash across my eyes.
I remember how Cynthia cued us newbies onto stage for our concubine poses. How Kit had spoken up for me, given me a chance, and how everything pursued this change of direction.

And how Perfect this journey is, that through it all, I’m blessed with good friends, family, i’d say… people whom you will never walk away from.

Where am i headed next?

I give that to You.

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