I owe a few dear friends some serious correspondence.

I miss you all.

This is a beautiful land, and my heart feels the love for more than just the land.

But my dear friends and family, there’s a paradigm shift.

The seasons mean nothing physically. Not even the wretched cold.

It’s those feelings that this mandarin song is pulling at, bringing me from every high to every low, page after page of spring, summer, autumn, winter…

It amazes me how when you step out to touch that still water, that the only truth you can see is your heart amidst those ripples. And it does feel like forever, till it passes.

But love doesn’t. It never does. People do.


Preparing for the show has been erratic.
Interesting erratic.

I didn’t plan for this, and i’m blessed by dear friends, Didi in particular has been most kind to believe in me.


That’s the truth i’m pursuing.

Music, art, or poetry.

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