The beautiful thing about lawn weddings is that you expect to dress down in light flowy dresses and even flats, but the catch is, be prepared to switch to regular gowns for regular rooms last min if it rains.

Wore my fave Millen dress instead of my soft thai silk bali dress. :)

Enough girly talk.

But this wedding is such a surprise. Thank God for the twist.

There were a few misunderstandings and hiccups in the arrangements as it’s a rather unconventional gig but all went well, in fact more fun than most weddings i’d previously done! Nate (Redkite) volunteered her version of Cat power’s The Sea Of Love for the couple’s March-in upon their request. Keith provided great sound and i did feel very much hippie bohem. Loved it.

Mei is wonderful as usual, and such a blessing to any gig. She’d be playin for JJ Lin’s concerts in China soon so blessings to her trip, food, rest and show! :)

It was great to have Shawn on percussion and Jase on double bass.

But the highlight has to be the audience. Every single one of them was so real and friendly, and oh my, their energy is infectious. Our finale being Sway got the mood goin’ and very soon everyone was on the dance floor seriously dancing all the way. Shawn did catch a snippet of us dancin’ away as we packed up. Mei had to run off for her gig no.2. darned.


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