I once shared with a friend to trust in reality, to believe in the richness and colour of it. If you don’t agree, then perhaps you just have been neglecting your dreams. Life and dreams just cannot do without one or the other. They are the same. Oftentimes i realise, in my lows in life, i’d tucked these dreams away a bit. Dreams may change, but they are what that makes life truly real.

If you’re feelin’ like you end up saying, ‘…i had to…’, ‘…no choice la..’
these are sure signs that you have done exactly what i’d elaborated above.

Just because they may not be what we can get to for now, doesn’t mean they should be shoved off, or snubbed at, or treated like it’s a separate entity from living. perhaps that is how people end up leading double lives.

If you believe in integrity, then you know it stemmed from the word ‘integer’, or One.

Don’t be afraid of who you are, and the dreams you have. They change from season to season, and we flow with our heart’s desires. I hope to see that in you someday.
I guess what Oprah might say, living out your destiny. I’m not a big fan of hers but some of those cliches sure come in handy.

So i guess saturday night, spending time w my uke trying to complete this song allowed me to ramble a little. thank you for reading this!

I managed half a song and i’m happy at how truthful it is to who i am, and who i’m growing to become. I don’t know what is the future, but i know it is good. This song is called ‘你‘。是谁?。。。 :)

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