I don’t believe in that.

But they could. Sometimes they do.

Looking back, i see some things that happened for a reason, leading me up to the path i’m taking. But i also recall many reasons that tried divert me. Some may say, that’s character building etc, maybe, but the point is this there’s always a choice, to make of what we have, and to reach for what we desire. Those who’d gone through the same circumstances, may not have ended up seeking what i will.

First day in Sydney and it’s 358am over here, Sydney time.


But my aunt’s familiar homemade soup makes me want to pick up the uke and write a song.

But unlike Singapore, every movement is so amplified in the dead of the night, including my typing… so i gotta make it short.

Maybe i’d write a poem instead.

Originally, there might be a gig in store for me, but honestly, i’m not quite sure if i’m in the right state of mind for work! lol But for adventure, it’d be hard to turn that down. We’d see.

Going to catch Didi Mudigdo at Vellutio tomorrow evening, right round the corner. :)

Now where’s Yang that cat gone off to?…

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