Here’s a huge :) for this opportunity to work with dear musician friends once again. Thank you ALD for this gig with SONY Store @ Wisma Atria!
I’ve always adored singing for corporate events since they usually have a themes that are unconventional and thus challenge our approach of the performance a little more than usual. Playing a jazz set with Ivan (sax), James (piano), Melvin (bass), really made my day! The beauty of jazz had always been about capturing the moment through music, communicating those ideas, patterns and emotions with spontaneity, and beauty. One of the store managers or patrons came up to offer compliments after the 1st song ( Fly Me To The Moon), which was really sweet of him. The highlight for the event for me was Nature Boy. It was like having a flowing conversation through music, and each one of us just havin’ our cuppa and sharing our dreams in a faraway land. We wanna thank Sony and ALD for the opportunity to share a dose jazz for the noon!

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