It’s been a busy few days working in a pretty diff and exciting direction.

Last week seems far away now with my uke and keys and voice all in the brew. :) *beams*

Going thru some classics and got so excited pullin’out stuff, and trippin a on Dusty and Eva etc and gettin all excited about really growing in what i do.

Singing wi(wireless keypad batts went flat…and fixed!)th good musicians who offer good growing space and willing to share constructive criticism will always be something i look forward to. But for now, i realised how much i’ve neglected the other colours in my palette and i’m really itching to use ém and i appreciate all blessings on that~! Workin on my songs and arrangments is an exciting journey, and i’m learning tons!

I pray for awesome adventures that will challenge to grow in a good way of course.

Have i said this before, i do to many students, i believe in the Original soul and i know we are each made to create something with our own personalities.It’s time for me to get down to mine! exciting!

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