I guess one of the reasons why Uncanny Sounds’ debut in Singapore had been such a big thing for me is that it is so personal this time round. I literally felt flutters. It was very exciting for me since it’s the first time i got to share my originals, and so many of them, play and sing them, and even do them in various styles with Clarence. It is such a joy to share the stories. Very much so indeed, since i often find myself short of words to express these tangled feelings. Music clears it up. I thank God for this wonderful gift for us to explore, have fun, and grow with.

Towel Boy / 毛巾男孩‘s video is finally up, have a look!

Jerk / 坏东西:

Look out also for Once Again, I will love you well, which i’m in the midst of sorting out.


Bevlyn and I had the pleasure of catching Melissa Tham a couple of weeks ago at Axis Bar, Mandarin oriental hotel. I don’t know about you, but Melissa does it for me, when she just sinks into her space. One of the best things about catching a live performance, is to see the band really enjoying themselves. Aside from the fact that they are top-notch performers, they were havin’ a good time. Catch her and her amazing band also at 7ate9, Esplanade.

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