This would be my first truly classic jazz gig, speckled with some funk and salsa.

I cannot be more blessed to be asked to do this gig since i’m playing with 2 of the finest players i know in the scene. James has been a real mentor to my music journey and completely generous with my growth, as with all journeys, with minor and major bumps here and there.

I often reflect and am constantly amazed by the number of good people and ridiculously talented musicians i’ve been blessed with over these years of performance.

Having just done a gig with Clarence at the Concourse as well last month, as a band (Uncanny Sounds), showcasing our folk/jazz/alternative/funk whatchawannacallit originals and rearranged covers, i’m very much looking forward to taking it back to homeground. Simplicity in the depth of classic jazz.

Many jazz standards will be covered, and a few interesting risks to be taken on quicker numbers, …

The best portion of music of any genre has always been, above beauty, stories. The connection cannot be denied when the soul is sung, or so i endeavour to do so.

Singing a few of my personal favourites, never before performed on my usual gigs, I’m certainly looking forward to sharing this piece of me with you soon.

Come join us next Monday + Tuesday (1st + 2nd March 2010)
715pm-745pm, 815pm-845pm on both days.
Melvin Wong, stunning bassist will be spicing it up on Tuesday.
Concourse, Esplanade

much love till then.

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