Just back from a wedding gig from ALD.

Amara Sanctuary is a lovely place for weddings, and Jason the floor manager as well as the rest of the staff seem to enjoy their parts very well. The atmosphere the hotel staff creates, i personally believe, to be as Chiou Yun said, utterly impt even for us musicians. The vibes pass on to the guests and there’s a sense of easy happiness throughout the dinner.

It’s a joy to sing with Jerome. His voice has struck me as deeply charming and his persona such a humble and willing musician. I enjoyed my duets thoroughly w him.

My personal joy in this show is in the duets, but more so in the few songs that condoned improvisation.

I grow to understand how it’s more like something intrinsic in my blood. Inexplicably the values, the phrasings, the beauty and the stories in these standards truly move me. Uncompromised.

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