The more you know the less you know. But yet if you never pursue to know, and remain unmoved, your heart becomes hard and you become either self-reliant, detached or just rot away.

I’m happy to be able to witness the blessings in my life. Good musicians with so much love to share. Not at all compromising on the musical expectations at all, yet enjoyin every bit of this musical journey, building us in ways more than one.

Been busy with new opportunities. These challenges couldn’t have been possible if others did not first believed in me.

An album with S2S, holding a collection of various mandarin contemporaries we had each picked, and rearranged in the style of bossa nova. Why no?

To marry 2 of these loves of mine, the Mandarin language and culture and stories, and the easy unpretentious lull bossa nova. I love it.

Look out for it. :)

Happy Blessed Christmas to all ├Żou hearts out there.


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