What a blessing to be able to do a countdown for 2010. My first on NYE and what an honour to be sharing the love with so many people, the hugs, the joy, the singing the cheers… awesome.

Many thanks to Bandontherun for this awesome opportunity to perform at St. Regis Hotel tonight. Pleasure to meet the mime-act, Fred the sax player, Adeline the hot tango dancer and mates, Enrique and of course our groovin’ guitarist Daniel! :)

It’s a major event to be able to handle so many acts in one night, and my did they take care of us, and the house system at La Brezza and Astor was great.

Lovely audience who enjoyed the jazz and pop sets. And i love love love the mood when everyone, regardless of our differences, leaving all the woes and rant as we neared the big 10, and then oohoo, everyone with a gold or silver sparkly top hat blows the party horn, gives a spontaneous hug and exchange hearty wishes… man, and i really am the most blessed lil girl in the room. if everyday could be such……:)

I liked how we sang a song contrary to the season, Summertime and love how we nudged, pulled, grooved along, danced and hopped with it. There’s nothing like a great conversation, and in this case, through song and improvisation. :)

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