This song was inspired and dedicated to the efforts, cause and mission of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. It all began when I visited a local Farmers’ Markets here in Perth, Australia. You can read all about it here.

Sea Shepherd (What is that blue?)
Music/Lyrics: Juliet Pang
Completed 17.6.2016
All Rights Reserved.

What is that blue, that seems so far
On a hill, I try to touch
There are treasures deep down under
People always wanted a part

What is that blue, that makes horizons
That greets the day, kisses goodnight
would we think of what lives under
keep it safe, protect it from harm

Try to love another
Just a little better
There’re animals underwater
There are brown seals and whales,
dolphins and turtles,
fish, did you know, swim with others.

What is that blue, that seems the nearer?
Now that i’ve heard the cries from far
Through this song, the sea i shepherd
and now you too can do your part

Raw demo (ukulele and vox) recorded briefly on the iphone (garageband) and Focusrite i-track pro.

Hear the raw uke/vox demo here:

See the video with my personal footages of North Beach, WA with the recording:

This song has yet to recorded and published officially. But I welcome everyone to share it freely. Spread the message through means that you feel for.