inspire#3: Julian Lozada

inspire#3: Julian Lozada

Julian Enrique Lozada: BBoy, Dancer, Choreographer, Singer, Percussionist, Entertainer, Band Leader, Dreamer

Julian and his pasta

Julian and his pasta

The 3rd oldest in the family of 5, Julian (pronounced ‘You-lee-and’) and his younger brother Jorje (George, pronounced as ‘Hor-hey’), started their first steps in dancing at age 7 and 9. (Jorje and Sharlot makes up the other half of the ‘Traveller Band’.) Julian recalls his first memory of witnessing breakdancing on Christina Aguilera’s video ‘Come On Over‘.

Christina Aguilera's Come On Over MV (feat. DJ Remind)

Christina Aguilera’s Come On Over MV (feat. DJ Remind)

With DJ Remind’s neckbreaking ‘suicidal’ move, it set a new mark for all future breakdancing enthusiasts. Julian was struck and knew that was what he wanted to do. Shy of private space away from prying eyes of family members and friends who might laugh at his beginning steps, he started his ‘training’ in the private narrow space of his bathroom. Unlike my community which mostly had the luxury of starting dancing at least openly if not from classrooms with a teacher breaking down moves for you, this was the real deal. It reminded me of my humble beginnings of ‘vocal training’ in the cupboard with my helper’s (also our good friend) tape recorder. If you have had one of those shy almost forgotten memories before, you’d be moved as i was too.

Jorje wasn’t that into the breaking stuff, but Julian continued, understanding it made him feel good just doing it. Then one day, at his 21st birthday party (he vaguely recalls), the music was playing and he remembered thinking to himself, this music works, and a question floated to his mind, what would happen if he got down on the floor there and then? He hesitated for a bit, and then at one point he got down. And the rest was history, there was turning back, and he was i believe, as I feel when i first sung to an audience, flying.

In the little town called Maracay there was no one else into breaking. But news travels, and from the city of Caracas, he received an invitation, through a mate. A friend called him, and he recalled picking up his house phone in the middle of the night. ‘Come now, we’ll pay for your cab fare,… yeah ok bring your brother,…’ Along these lines, his first battle began. It turns out that his mates had brought him over to challenge a chap who had a bit of an attitude and needed a bit of humbling. Julian spoke of how he was ‘at first afraid, he was petrified…’ but when he started showing off his only trademark ~ back spins, his trembling calmed down, and he was on the floor, starting off with the usual basic floorwork and then signing off with a windmill that brought the house down. That was his first recall of a ‘trophy’. His next battle was a muscle-clad dude who dared battle him in his own territory. As in a movie, his friend knocked on his door and told him about it. When he saw the alien in the plaza showing of his moves, he approached quietly. The guy was huge and Julian joked that he is one guy you don’t wanna be fighting. Every move he made was a thump and a boom, and you could imagine the floor shaking. If you are a dancer of any kind, weight is not a winning-marker. If you could be Arnie who danced as light as a feather, you’re the winner. As Julian recounted how he won the battle, and won the pride back for his village, he spoke unwittingly well in English, with pace, and his face beaming with pride and joy about the fond memories of break-dancing.

Today Julian speaks with awe as he thought about the people he met on his Euro breaking tour. He today shares the same floor in battle with the people he adored and admired. (My heart burst-ed feeling his joy as he spoke). It would be like meeting Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea or Keith Jarrett and having a time of piano-duelling. Amazing. At a point, he whipped out a video of DJ Remind sharing with a bunch of breakers, a candid video, where he spoke about how he channelled his energy from the ground, into his moves, flowing, rising or falling. It reminded me of contemporary dance, the closer your body was to the ground, and in sync with that fluidity, the more you could do, without hurting yourself, and it was like painting with a brush, only it was with your entire being. He spoke about how dancing was his only space of getting away from the addictions and the negative things in the world, and how it was also his way of prayer. And you don’t get away from it, til you’re done. As a dancing enthusiast, a singer, a songwriter and a growing musician, i have recalled how often this ‘zone’ you get into, is as if your body has become a conduit, and no longer your own. When i was sad, my tears are transformed into a song as Water Blue, when i’m joyful, the body wants to dance, and burst into possibilities and i dance as in my bedroom as i did when i did my jetes, roundoffs on the gymnastics mat, and when i am confused, my guitar plays a sad out of tune two-note harmony and pulls the sadness out of me into a crying lament. When it is all over, it’s almost i had a private conversation with my God. And I continue.

Prayer is no more than a conversation with God, it doesn’t matter if you’re upside down when you pray, or standing upright, or working on your head spins, or just shredding on your bass guitar. It is that part of you that didn’t need to be right, and wants to be vulnerable. It is hungry and desperate. This is a picture of a crying cup of coffee done in approx 60-90secs. And i let it cry as i let my tears flowed inside of me. And He does something inside of me that i couldn’t with my own little hands do. Heal me.

And this is the video Julian shared about DJ Remind:

Julian 'Youlleaand' Euro Breaking Tour

Julian ‘Youlleaand’ Euro Breaking Tour Video

I pray for Julian’s dancing and musical adventures to begin in a new season, our Lord heal his body with the youth of the eagles and for good friends to nudge him to battle him into action again. More than a conqueror is what i pray for him in all fields in music and dance. May his soul always be hungry for more, bless him with creativity and wisdom. Bless his family and friends, In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Juliet Pang is a singer-songwriter, jazz vocalist, and educator.

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