A week or two ago, I received a chain-letter type of request. And although it had a good cause tied to it, I must confess in my schedule of trying to get more songs in action and performances, it wasn’t something I thought of putting at the top of my list.

But God is so good.

I have good friends, and I have little earth-angels whom He sends to drop me a timely message.

I wouldn’t relate more than I can, but I will do this. I’ve selected the portion that really hit me….copied and pasted what I received from a beautiful stranger who was somehow walking with God enough to have sent me this much-needed message.

—-I quote—–

Dear Juliet,

Copied these and hope they will encourage you:

You are never meant to figure life out on your own or fight your battles along. You are made to need GOD.
The deeds of men cannot thwart the purposes of GOD. HIS plan will surely take place and be on schedule, with or without one’s response.
We cannot sort out the whole picture from where we are in life, only GOD can.

GOD bless you.

—-end quote—-

“Last night I woke up with a storm,
the sounds so loud, I couldn’t sleep
I thought of you and what it’s like on the other side,
of the storm”

I quote myself from my song “Storm” (“The Perfect Journey”), I song I wrote in about 20mins. The message is ironically for me. We think we write songs, but really, they are messages for ourselves. Grace.

We often think of our offerings to get something, to achieve something, to be in the favour of someone else. But all He wanted was for us to be still, and know that He is God. Don’t fear.

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