A caucasian gentleman from the far corner of the room applauded and woke the sleepy room of intellects and shook everyone into a frenzy. Like waking a sleepy hound. Sometimes it perpetuates, other times, the tired canid goes right back to a (in this case, rather cerebral) dreamland. He then came back asking for a Faye Wong song which was lost on me, and proceeded to explain what the song meant. I sang another tune from the songstress and he walked right up to take this photo of us, i imagine, grateful for a tune from his favourite artiste. We later found out that he was the founder of the union for the American industrial internet (美国工业互联网联盟创始人). An astrophysicist, a Faye Wong fan and now our friend. Like the geeks that we are, we used up what we had of our 15min breaks to ask him all the questions we had about technology and whatever inspired him. That aspiring scientist/anthropologist in me cannot help that journalistic streak in me. We have heard how people are connected through music, but it’s the heart that is no-holds-barred. I am so incredibly blessed for these newly forged friendships. The experience revived the science aficionado in me and the mathematician in DD. Yes, music isn’t our only passion. People, and what and Who drives it, truly are.

Wonderful knowing you and we will be following your discoveries, Joe.

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