Yellowren Arts Festival with White Noise Quartet

Yellowren Arts Festival with White Noise Quartet on 30th August 2013

It has been a while since I last wrote something in this space.

I’d shared with a friend of mine that earlier this year, I prayed for this. A reunion of the quartet on a bigger-scale. With NO compromise on our music. So, guess what? I’m deeply moved that the prayer was answered beyond our dreams. It was a wonderful stage (the picture does NO justice) with real art by different communities including Lighthouse as our backdrop. How can music live apart from Art?!? So I was smiling from ear to ear when i saw that. Under the stars – i’m old-fashioned, I’m an old romantic, … c’mon, live music under the expansive night skies(!) – that shunned the afternoon rain and left it behind! The BAND!!! Without these amazing peeps, songs like Water Blue and Nearer Apart would not have that new creative lift. We loved it. Dancers from Just Live Dance Productions surprised us when they took my advice seriously and hopped across pebbles around the Waterplay Area and improvised with us.

So you know we had fun, and without you taking time to come by, to listen to our music, and enjoy the festival, this would not have been. On behalf of the band, thank you!

And my deepest thanks to Wendy Phua, Tan Boon Gee, Didi Mudigdo for all your pizazz in the music and on stage. Love you all.

’til we next meet!

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