So here it is.

A long-overdue video montage of our album launch of White Noise LIVE on 14-15th December at Esplanade Outdoor Theatre.

Too many memories to relive, and always new ideas, new lessons and then new adventures.

We would like to specially thank the people who had generously stepped onboard this project with such belief in our music. Ric Liu for your artwork and cd design, Tan Ngiap Heng for always believing in the flow and let it take over, i love the photography – it is what made this possible because, of what you captured in the moment of a skip, a hop, a flurry of lights and blooms. COMPASS for generously financial support, Esplanade for giving us your kind and invaluable advice and also a chance to share our music. Our guest artistes, Daniel Purnomo (guitar), Sharon Nunis (keys) and Elaine Lam (vox) for taking time out to be with us on the 3rd set of each day. We had fun together didn’t we? :)

Darry Quee – thank you for unconditionally offering your help, this video wouldn’t be possible without your generosity. Wayne, Donald, Kangyang, Nicole Seah – thank you all for being such sports. I couldn’t have done this without you. So thank you.

Not forgetting 97.2FM, Radioheatwave, OOOM Music Festival (Jonathan), Gold95FM for being a fan of our music and giving us a platform to share our music and arrangements.

There are so many people behind the project and we hope we haven’t missed out anyone.

The dream behind this project isn’t the project itself, but the doors that you have opened whilst you believed in the music in this project. So a huge thank you to all of you.

Now, the video, enjoy!