Like for some, a Sunday marks not the end but the start of a new week, this December 2012 marks the start of an exciting 2013.

With our album White Noise Live launching this December, I’m truly looking forward to new adventures in music.

I’m excited to share this humble project that is truly the combined efforts of the website (Adeline), cd design (Ric), photography (Heng), sound mastering (Zennon) and all the musicians from White Noise Quartet (Didi, Boon Gee, Eddie). For an artist, nothing is more important than having their material and mediums understood. Because of these amazing people, compositions, arrangements, art, are created.

I am counted blessed to be amongst those more able than myself so I could forever learn and grow.

Thank you for sharing this space to create.

I hope this music and art will resonate with you in a way that has it has with us. The seed was given and we planted it. The growth was exciting to watch and I count it my blessing to be part of this process of creation.

White Noise Live will have nothing more than its honest and bold journey to share with you.

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See you on the 1st, 8th and 14th/15th. And if you bump into any of our mall gigs this season, wave a hello!


Have a beautiful season.

Happy Holidays and have an abundantly blessed Christmas!


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