If you’d never had experienced moving completely on faith, like Abraham did, the concept of ‘directed’ journeys is likely to be unfamiliar to you. 

And i can understand that. 

To need direction, means you haven’t yet go one, and to have a directed journey, means there’s an Onlooker, watching over your choices, your paths, the doors to be opened and closed.

It’s great that God watches over our journeys, but i find it even more amazing that, He wants us to partner with Him, by exercising our free will, the desires in our hearts to go about sharing His love. Be it through, music, art, dance, accounts, politics etc… a part and portion for everyone. 

As most may know already, my journey hadn’t been one that’s planned. I followed my heart to do what felt right and what didn’t. It wasn’t all feel-good. The process was filled with other considerations. Requiring His wisdom and guidance.

Till 2 days ago, my days from September had still been a blur. The vision is clearer now.

It’s quite a wonder how in the midst of my thoughts and ideas, or vision if you will about this near future, i had spoken aloud without being aware of it. I recall thinking ‘ wouldn’t it be funny if i simply said all of these whims aloud?…’ Before i knew it, it was all out.

I had prayed for July to be the month of knowing the next step.
The next destination.

Things are peeling open layer by layer. Faith keeps me going. Stepping out only in the confidence in Him.

And then, just a few hours ago, another epiphany.

Many times, my revelations are that through analogies… and my realisations, like a movie, experiential. I already knew that if we believe in a God that is all-loving and mighty, then we’d know that He’d provide more than enough for each and every one of us. And a kingsly attitude we can own, when we give cheer, encouragement, support to other, from the heart.

The other day i had another revelation, so amazingly humbling, it brought me to tears. As I spoke through the confusion and the sadness, He spoke. Reminding me, i am not alone, that He would never leave us or forsake us. That He is always for us. Then a little voice asked me through my tears, ‘don’t you know that is how I feel about you? Misunderstood. My love is so much bigger. I am always for you, but you don’t believe Me’.

Faith, means believing before you see it.

What do you dream of, do you believe it coming true?

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