Catching X-men was interesting.

We quite enjoyed the plot, … I’d say, really, they did a pretty decent job of filling in loopholes and also mildening out the cheese in it. Perhaps dealing w such a large cast with so many different backgrounds and stories is tough, but if they don’t rush the job of revealing them, but maintain focus on plot, i think it’d be pretty smooth. Another history lesson from Di. The Famous Blank in History and R71. :)

I’m a geek girl at heart, through and through.

What moved me ( as i hope it somewhat somewhere did you, if you don’t take super heroes and their mutations too literally ) is that the X-factor in each of us is all each a facet of Him. Our individuality, and strengths and beauty are all from Him.And how quickly we dismiss ourselves, focussing on our differences, colour, age, gender, class. God loves everyone. E.v.e.r.y.o.n.e. He isn’t always too happy with our choices, but God IS Love.

In the movie, Zoe Kravitz, the one who betrayed the group, had a weakness. She gave in to temptation when she appealed to her own insecurities and wariness about her mutation, her difference. She wanted to feel like a ‘queen’, for once in her life.

When you project this into our world, what would you see?

Not too different eh?


And since it’s been so long, i’d like to ramble and digress a little, and extension of the above.

Not too long ago, Di brought me a zine that had an article about Gloom being useful. And that most artists are driven by sadness. I find it carrying the point a lil’ far. Rather, i think most artists seek ways to reach a point of catharsis, an outlet, a complete purging of sadness to reach a stage of peace. And the methods they use become so honed and sharpened, that they become their medium of art. No I do not think God intended to break our legs so we can grieve and become great artists. I find that rather insulting to speak of anyone, much less to say our heavenly father. Others relieve their sadness by other quick-fixes, ie shopping, etcetc. I know some wonderful biz women who have started their own lil’ business of lovely things, clothes, novelty items… etc..

Wherever you come from, whoever you are, at whichever point you are, to make a decision to find joy, is the most important thing. It only leads you to one thing, Love.

Ironically it’s only with joy and peace that I began to compose again. Yes it includes the letting go, and the ability to say, this heartache isn’t mine, so I’m burying you away in a song, where others who identify these feelings will always remember they are never alone.

No, i don’t believe in glorifying sadness, but i do believe that there is a time for everything. To mourn is not wrong, but to decide to let go, and let them be a part of our growth and memory is strength.


I don’t know how and why i did that, but i have leaped a tad far eh..

I really need to get to my next project, settling the upcoming shows in Asia.

But i can’t quite get unto my ‘shoot’ just yet.

I owe myself an entry.

I don’t think there’s a point in keeping a blog if you can’t even be yourself when you write.

So yeah, if you’re wondering if this is Juliet’s blog, you’re right.


These 5 months. Honestly? I am surprised.

I am stronger now.

I remember the difficulties i’d faced, the paths i’d taken, just to get to the point to say, hey you’re okay
the way you are. My differences, my ‘mutation’, the ‘X-factor’ ( X=unclassified. I prefer, original), doesn’t need anyone or anything to be proven ok.

Even if the person you’re closest to doesn’t get it. You have to get it. :)

No one person’s reality is ever the same.

No matter where you are, the same intimidation will hit you for a bit, then you realise, the same blows into the wind, as long as you stand firm, they can scrappy-do about you, but you can stand laughing, basking in the joy that is in your heart, doing whatever you gets you driven.

I have always been slow in seeing the overview. In art class, i got all the details, and my sis always managed to hand in her big picture first. One time it was so detailed, the teacher said, wow, what is it? lol

I thrive on shades and textures and tones, but without the overview of things, we often can’t move on quickly. Perhaps, more ‘artists’ are similar in this manner. Seeing things others mayn’t see. And not getting the Big picture as much or as quickly as they’d like to.

Now that I’m aware, i tend to pull out of that mode just to distance myself and to do a quick check on where i am. I know i have chosen to be happy. And so that quick check makes sure that i don’t take a plunge on the other details that are non-constructive or, in a worse scenario, destructive.


Where do we head next matey?


I don’t know other than needing to do what i need to do next.

Be a better musician,… and of late, my new project (after Leadership Course at Hillsong), Hand-to-Heart.

If only we were more pro-active on that, we would be more useful in helping one another move towards Love. Use your hands to fulfill whatever is in your heart.

So simple.

This week, my desire is to cook beancurd in different ways, and then explore wanton-making. :) Small as it is, warm to my heart.

But what is in my heart, is truly sharing His Love. And my lil proj will be a secret till it’s accomplished.

I miss home, but i am beginning to build my life about here.

Sending my love back home to Singapore.

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