Catching X-men was interesting.

We quite enjoyed the plot, … I’d say, really, they did a pretty decent job of filling in loopholes and also mildening out the cheese in it. Perhaps dealing w such a large cast with so many different backgrounds and stories is tough, but if they don’t rush the job of revealing them, but maintain focus on plot, i think it’d be pretty smooth. Another history lesson from Di. The Famous Blank in History and R71. :)

I’m a geek girl at heart, through and through.

What moved me ( as i hope it somewhat somewhere did you, if you don’t take super heroes and their mutations too literally ) is that the X-factor in each of us is all each a facet of Him. Our individuality, and strengths and beauty are all from Him.And how quickly we dismiss ourselves, focussing on our differences, colour, age, gender, class. God loves everyone. E.v.e.r.y.o.n.e. He isn’t always too happy with our choices, but God IS Love.

In the movie,

Not too long ago, Di brought me a zine that had an article about Gloom being useful. And that most artists are driven by sadness. I find it carrying the point a lil’ far. Rather, i think most artists seek ways to reach a point of catharsis, an outlet, a complete purge sadness to reach a stage of peace. And the methods they use become so honed and sharpened, that they become their medium of art. No I do not think God intended to break our legs so we can grieve and become great artists. I find that rather insulting to speak of anyone, much less to say our heavenly father. Others relieve their sadness by other quick-fixes, ie shopping, etcetc. I know some wonderful biz women who have started their own lil’ business of lovely things, clothes, novelty items… etc..

Wherever you come from, whoever you are, at whichever point you are, to make a decision to find joy, is the most important thing. It only leads you to one thing, Love.

Ironically it’s only with joy and peace that I began to compose again. Yes it includes the letting go, and the ability to say, this heartache isn’t mine, so I’m burying you away in a song, where others who identify these feelings will always remember they are never alone.

No, i don’t believe in glorifying sadness, but i do believe that there is a time for everything. To mourn is not wrong, but to decide to let go, and let them be a part of our growth and memory is strength.

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