Perhaps because it’s after the exams, i feel freed to think, to act without pressure. And i feel the bubbles
in my blood going, let’s get going! Create!


It didn’t take much for me to be convinced to decide to explore Marrickville this morning.

It convinced me that, in Sydney and its suburbs, you really don’t need a car.
Unless you live somewhere in Castle Hill or Penrith, yea, you sure do, but what a lovely walk this morning!

The sun is always the best way to start of any of my days. And today he wasn’t shy.:)

I sat in Kelby’s Cafe in Marrickville, with funky paintings and exotic persian-styled pillows, on Di’s wifi and my ipad. How can we not be grateful for technology bringing us so close to home from so far a place?

Marrickville’s shops and attractions as with most suburbs are on a single main street, in this case, Marrickville Rd. There wasn’t much but it’s amazing seeing how asian mama shops, ie provision stores and diy stores, thrive even outta the city’s chinatown, anywhere with asians, you’d find at least one such store, Which is to me, a quiet comfort most times.

Cutting through Victoria Ave all the way through to Ilawarra, walking through low-rise landed housings, with roses red and white, and sunlight splashing all about them, i admired the graffiti of Incredible Hulk and the air-brushed Elvis down Victoria.

Enmore park was beautiful. Couples young and old, holding hands, people just lazing on the grass, having conversations deeper than courtesy and children just laughing and screaming about in the sun.
I was wearing 4 layers to guard against sudden changes in weather, it was chilly though sunny.

I made my to Alice Street and had to stop by Illewyn to navigate. Turned into a corner and my what a humble lil surprise. All the way down, unassuming but helplessly beautiful was this long stretch of wooden fence, sun glistening down the old-tarred roads, and the brick walls. It will be my next target for a shoot.

Going through King’s to Newtown’s i came across a lovely vintage themed boutique with quirky artwork and designs called Sandy. Lovely model, store assistant Lindy, an art student from UTS shared her ideas and bright smiles. I am so in love with the brilliance of colours in this city. The darkness cannot but be swallowed helplessly when you have such an outburst of creativity all about.

Walking through USYD, and Victoria Park, i was so glad for everything today. The waters and sun and grass were like a dream. How easy it is to take it all for granted. Get out there and enjoy the sun!

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