One cannot be without the other. One reveals the other.

Fellowship with my flatmate, reminded me that indeed, the journey is the destination, but that in my journey, the search for the next spot to hit, the next stopover, is revealed through that process of seeking.

For me, seeking Him.

He reveals all that is joy to me. The wisdom unravels new adventures that my hands alone cannot create, and broadens my mind to previously unimaginable spaces, challenging new boundaries, pushing through old fences.

The sky’s the limit, indeed. But to know the length, the height and width of His love is the sky for me. Through that i find a most settling peace, in this unceasing joy of a ride, touching new lives, simply through what i cannot do. For when i’m weak, He increases in strength and power. And constantly in the midst of a song, as with tonight’s guesting at Jazz, Soup & Jesus at St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church with Paul Sun’s wonderful trio with Didi, Alex and Ian.

The strong sense of His Presence is always felt, when i believe. And when i listen. And when i desire to see Him. I’d prayed for a long time, since a child, to never be satisfied with a standard, but always with the process. Then in my later years, i’d prayed for any experience that could make me completely rely on Him.

It was a dangerous prayer if i didn’t believe in the goodness of Him, and the amazing power of our Lord.
But because I know You, Lord, I’m unafraid. It’s tough and sometimes, like a child, I complain, but in You i find strength to step forward in every uncertain territory.

To surrender, is a thing, i couldn’t grasp or do for a long time. It wasn’t till i stood in Leigh McRae’s singing studio when he shared, that in every art form, the hardest thing to do is to surrender to it.

It was kinda old-fashioned if you ask me, to say ‘surrender’ to something.

But it was only when i surrendered to my art form, surrendered my person to the One, that I could say,
i truly understood what passion meant.

It had no Self, but desired to let everything else be greater.

Not in ignorance or without intelligence, but in complete faith.

I must say, it wasn’t till my limbs were metaphorically, ‘broken’, before i knew what Surrendering meant. And gladly, because i have something way bigger and better now, leaning on Him, standing upon His shoulders.

But here i stand, lost in the midst of improvisation, gnawing, and chewing each word in the lyrics of ‘I wish you love’, ‘What a diff’rence a day made’ and ‘That’s all’, that i knew, it wasn’t about me anymore.
The voice i heard, was teaching me new things i never knew. And learning is the game.

Thank you Lord, for new heights in new adventures with new friends.

I love you.