The wifi prepaid i picked up in the month of Jan 2011 has run dry. :)

So i will finish up this lil’ entry and then enjoy my ebook at Circular Quay, catch the sunshine before it disappears.

Last night at 505, the McRae presented more than music, it was so interesting to see the dynamics of a musical family, and the show that was run. Just short of Moses (their son) on drums, the show was packed with honesty, creativity and heart. 

There are some who put up a good show but remain forgettable.

Perhaps Dave was such a wonderful mentor that i couldn’t just see it with an unbiased eye. But i have this feeling this will be one of those rare shows, and rare moments that will be locked forever in my heart till grandma stories have a chance.

So thank you McRaes for your heart and soul and talent last night.

It was nice to see another friend pursuing her dreams in another faraway land.

At the end of the day, what truly matters is if you saw to that seed that He placed in you, whether you know it or not, that stuff that keeps you breathing, smiling and going strong everyday.

A good friend of mine, Ko Sherman is pursuing his dream in saying what he wants to say through music. More than just a fellow in white, and a fan of cakes and sweets, and even more than just a multi-instrumentalist, is a soul who believes in the voice. I’m inspired by his passion and dedication to his art form, and his undying pursuit in speaking for those without a voice.

Here’s Ko Sherman:
Ko Sherman (Official Site, Site Web officiel)
コウ. シャーマン (オフィシャル. サイト)
黄学文 (官方網頁):


Every Singular Day
Every Breath of Sunshine
Beams on my Face

Every Step on my Way
Taking me through
Every Hope that I’ve Made

There’ll be that Rain in the Sky
The Same Old Darkness
That Seeps into my Eyes
Images clouded in Disguise

Flickers and Cries
They’ve scorned a Storm
That has not yet to be
Taunting the Very Best in Me

But I’ll see through the Light
And I’ll feel Moments in Time
With my Heart I’ll Hear the Earth
And all its Different Beat
All the Different Voices come from Within

Yes I’ll see through the Light
There we’ll meet Moments in Time
When our Hearts have lifted Spirits
Back upon their feet
Standing close for all that
We can believe

Every Singular Day
Every Piece of Dream
You’ve Paved on your Way

And Every Little Mistake
Every Bit of Heaven
Carved out in Vain

I’ve seen that Fear in your Soul
It Soothed of Passion And it Spoke of Pain
When things could never stay the Same

Comforts you seek
Are but Illusions that should never be
Trading the Love you’ve had for me

But You’ll see through the Light
There You’ll feel Moments in Time
When your Heart no longer
Weeps for that you cannot reach
Tears would mean a newfound
Strength from within

Every Silence You’ve Staked
Every Bitter Embrace
Every Castle in Sand
They’ll Fall and
Slip through your Hands

Won’t you take on my Place
Live my World
So You can Understand

Na na na na Na na na na

Is this my Fate?
Is this the answer to these Winds of Change?
These are the Songs We Cannot Wait

When We see through the Light
Where There’ll be more than We’ll Find
We will see through the Light
And There’ll be more than We’ll Find

Sing it for Sunshine
Sing it for Life
Sing up for Sunshine
Sing up for Life

We can see through the Light
There will be more than We’ll Find
We can see through the Light
There will be Moments in Time

When our Hearts
Can Stand Together on a Different Beat
All our Different Voices Sing from Within
Sing Up for the Sun that Shines from Within

© 2011 Ko Sherman

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