It’s about time to give thanks.

Count the blessings.

I’ve been a little shy about this… Not quite sure how to react to all the blessings, except in grace of course.

I’d like to thank Mypaper first of all for covering my journey as a singer and songwriter, and to Loh Chen Ling for deciding to do such a generous and sincere article on my story. Most people work twice as hard to get the publicity i’m receiving, and here i am pursuing the only thing i know, my dreams, in Sydney, and a blessing falls into my lap. Good people, and tender hearts. It was a wonderful time i had talking to Chen ling on Skype at an Easyway at Broadway mall.

I’d also like to give thanks to Darren Kong from Vie Media who’d so supported my music all the way from the start. Knowing how i’m completely indie, he’d offered to cover and review my album, and then to delight, invited me to perform for their Anniversary party, themed CARNIVAL! :) if you know Jules, you know she loved colours, light and sounds. The perfect theme. I shared swing on uke for the first time, live and also my original 完美之旅 | the perfect journey, for the first time (since the release of my album) with Sydney. The crowd was lovely and it was so good to see Moon river bringing smiles to many. *videos of Vie Party:

As if it wasn’t eventful enough, I’d been blessed with 2 award nominations i hadn’t even dreamt about getting ever. Music had never been a decision on my part, simply a language i’d been offered access to, to express love, and i must say, a lot of fruit including fun, laughter, heart and tears came with it. Freshmusic Awards (5th year) had nominated me for 2 of their awards. Best New Artiste/Singer ( and Best Local Artiste/Singer ( The former i’d just found out as Yuneng shared it on my facebook fanpage (

Yesterday, the eve of Easter hols, i met Debbie, and a wonderful friend i’d found in her in the midst of this foreign city, it really felt like home. We had picnic at Lavendar Bay and shared about how God moved in our lives, and counted our blessings. The skies were phenomenal and despite the chills, my heart was warm.

Friends had been so vital in my path. And i wanna thank God for every single one of you who’d been my strength and support. Especially Didi who’d really shown me the ropes to adapting to this new city, and my dear friends Bev, Shim, Clarence, James, Daniel. Jenny. Kelly, back home, who’d written and checked that i was surviving. lol. Yes i am indeed. I love you guys.

My folks had awesome,.. and i really should call home more. And i will.

But the most important blessing i wanna count, remember and praise God for is Jesus.

Thank you for loving us so much that even as little we know of you, you never minded, and always had your arms wide open. Thank you Lord for everything lovely in this life, and for all the guidance and light You’d continuously shone in my life.

Today is Good Friday, and how Good truly is this News.

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