Now there is nothing better than a gig right out in the sun, in the beautiful array of colours, children, breakfast and jazz.

I see these ‘excursions’ as lessons on the go… Collections of new colours friendships, sharing dreams, talking to people, reminding them of beauty and hope

I wish I had better lens, something what would make my exploits a lil less rude.

I saw this beautiful child, her face with no lesser smudge than those clouds splashed across the sky, but with lovely brown choc. She looked up helplessly at her dad, and daddy bent over, gently cleaning her cheeks and fingers from the sweet sludge. He took a long time and it gave me time to capture that moment in my mind. This is one of the reasons why I would always hope to sketch… It’s all about the heart that for me beats any camera lens the world could offer me.

Paul’s sung all my fave tunes, I’m not sure if I’d go up today. But I realized it’s not why I look fwd to these long car rides, these long chats with kindred spirits their souls warmed by the sun.

Met Elizabeth who lives at Beecroft, a jazz fan, and ex-clarinet player from her early school days ie. It’s amazing what you get out of these conversations when you open up your heart.
Then I walked to the other coffee stall and bought myself a hot choc. Happy to have found the perfectly shaded spot under the tent. A family came along and a smart-looking man with white beard and a white hat came up to ask if they could have the rest of the seats. Of course I said yes. Then he left and I saw that he came with his lady. They are prolly in their 60s?.. But how gracefully those years were added on them. Ruth turned out to be a Scottish writer who moved over during the post – war migration from ww 2. We had a lovely conversation and it struck me that how these skins and flesh disappear when you look into the person’s soul. I prayed for her. And exchanged addresses. She’d send me her published work! Yay! The man, her hubby turned out to be a retired keyboard player preparing for his album currently. He looked a lil shy.

And his grand kid said, you should ur music on iTunes! Haha cute.

I gave up my seat for karen their daughter and bade them goodbye.

We may be headin to chats wood later … Sydney’s huge.

The cultural differences strike me as real but forgettable in the lushness of kindness and generosity in these people

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