Another beautiful day at an organic market. This is supposedly one of the largest and also most exciting food markets in Sydney.

Paul Sun, Paul Stenton and Didi Mudigdo played 3 beautiful sets of jazz, bringing much joy to the families and happy shoppers. I guested 2 songs and made a new sound artist friend, Scott, who was studying Masters in Sydney College of Art and just droppin’ by to catch the musos. I’m fascinated by the simple love people have for art and music. Scott talked about his fascination w how mathematics and music are closely linked, and suddenly I had what you might call an epiphany… Perhaps with all the talents and senses that we have been gifted with, we were meant not to separate them, stream them down, pigeon hole them, etc in our learning processes… Perhaps the one vision we should have is how everything should be interweaved and used on one for the other,… Perhaps everything had been meant to be a tapestry to be admired from above, and savored from below.

When one is out in the warm sunshine, be it summer or autumn, it’s hard not to be happy. Children laughing people smiling, before you know it it’s Christmas! Lol

Cheese balls.

Back to my piano.

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