It was a nice day at school, except for the fact that i’d be cramped up with 6 harmonic variations to 2 folk tunes and my silent film assignment to be up by next week…. :S

oh well, it ended off with a pretty fantastic show i caught at 505 that night, 23/2/11 with Tim Bruer Quartet and on the 2nd second, featuring Elana Stone, Ozzie singer-songwriter.

Got both the cds to support them.

The spirit of musicianship is a lot more positive here, i’ve noticed. The logistics of coming up with an album, albeit rather huge an undertaking, nevertheless, struggling artistes don’t look back once they see what they love.

I respect that.

Elana started the set with a beautiful rendition of a standard i’d never sung, and gave me the bumps… the beauty of tone combined with her strong sense of musicality really lifted the atmosphere. For Ta and me, it must have been Summer Nights that topped it. Oh and her original, Oh You’re a beautiful fox! :)

I loved Tim’s quartet on Invitation. :)

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