Am I reusing titles?

It was fun walking with Ta to school today. Albeit I was just a wee bit late.


This week’s gonna be crazy.

Right now I’m just skipping school… That seminar class… I’m going to work on the load of assignments I’m cramped w for next week. But what Juliette said kinda helped really.

Priorities and knowing what you want from the education.

I guess my focus is still on harmonic variations and confidence on the instrument
But film elective class allows me room to continue my fascination with composition.

Yesterday’s class with Dave was really am eye opener… Just opening my mind up to the
World of possibilities that’s just out there… The rules are meant to be broken.
But first let’s play the game well by knowing the rules well.

Gotta go…

Oh Tim bruer’s trio and Elana stone was great!

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