In a span of 2 weeks or so, I’ve had to turn down at least 3-4 interesting collaborations from music to video.

Then a friend wrote to me saying,

‘you’re leaving at the wrongest time’…

and i replied

‘it’s the leaving that makes it the rightest time to begin with…’

without the obedience to flow with Him, this all wouldn’t have happened.

It was never in me to stay for what that has been done… there’s a season for everything.

I pray for what needs to be fulfilled on sales end to be fulfilled,
and what needs to be fulfilled on my growth be fulfilled.

I also spoke with Di:

‘money (and opportunity) is just another form of token to do what we love, (and not the other way)… and i’m already doing what i love, and now heading unto what feels right,
in fact it is what exactly that money can’t buy (that makes it all the more valuable)..’


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