Having touched down just a couple of hours ago, the memories are still fresh in my head.

Many thanks to good friends who support my music and help me get connected. Thankfully, they’d liked my music and had given a very important space for me to have a chance to share my music live and also my stories and thoughts about songwriting, about love and life with friends in Kuala Lumpur.

It’s been years since i last visited KL.

And one of the most wonderful things is to catch live music. A great way for another musician to understand the vibes in the country. And also of course to catch friends. Catching Diana Liu at No Black Tie was quite a treat. Her refreshing originals took me to a few places. :)

I’d like to thank 100.3FM for supporting my music again, as which most know, I’m completely independent on the marketing and publicity end and would need all the help i can get to simply have a chance to be heard. This wouldn’t have been possible without DJ Ken.

Many thanks to MYFM’s DJ Jason for the encouragement and for supporting 非主流的音乐!Otherwise, i may have a hard time getting my cross-genre-type/style music heard. Most people feel a lil conservative about the album direction and limit their music to a straight pop, or jazz, and perhaps part of me wondered if i could too, but it didn’t take long for me to know the answer.

For a short span of 2 days I really have to thank my dad for offering to drive me about. And thank God for that since KL’s changed a whole bunch and the roads that were newly built were not reflected. We often took 2 hrs to cover a 30min ride… :s but we learn, and i will come back KL. The people are lovely, warm and down-to-earth and very real. I love that.

Thanks to DJ May Zi (988FM) i held, what i’d call, seriously, a full concert, albeit mini one, i performed 8 songs, canto, english, musical, jazz, folk, rnb all included. The segment was recorded and i look forward to hearing my rendition of ‘Nobody’ (wondergirls) specially inspired by her. :)

I’ve made a new friend in DJ Kyan (One FM), bright as sunshine and ever eager to share his vocals. We had so much fun and a truly honest exchange about the production and making of the album. For the first time i played 原来,而已 on uke, a rather unconventional decision for a ballad as such, but it had a diff effect which i hope to listen to again.

There are some who wouldn’t share the details of these interviews, but i’ve decided, as i so often remind myself that good things are meant to be shared, i’d like to take this chance to encourage all singer-songwriters to share their music, the music that makes their heart feel understood. Cuz the world needs to hear truth.

So, thank you KL for all your lovely hospitality, the wonderful prawn mee and assam laksa, and the warmth that still pulses in me.

Happy New Year 2011!

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